Printing Machine

This printing machine uses photosensitive resin plate, that's why is commonly called flexographic printing machine. It is simple to operate with light startup and accurate color register. It has a longitudinal register device which is 360° continuously adjustable. The meter counter can set printing quantity as required and the machine will automatically stop when the setting quantity is reached or the material runs out. Plate cylinder is lifted manually and the printing ink will be stirred automatically after lifting. Texture roller is used to transmit ink, which yields uniform color.

This equipment also adopts a reliable drying system with high-speed rotation and the circuit will be automatically cut off after shutdown. Frequency conversion adjustment makes it easy to adapt to different printing speed requirements. Jogging and stopping buttons on the plate roller base and material rolling rack, make it easy to operate when the plate is installed.

The printing machine applies to print on polyethylene, polypropylene plastic bag, cellophane, web and other packaging materials. It is an ideal printing device for packages such as paper packaging for food, supermarket handbag, vest or garment bags and many other types of bags.

Bangtai is an experienced printing machine manufacturer in China. In addition to printing machine, we also offer film blowing machine, bag making machine, slitting machine, stretch wrap machine as well as non-woven fabric making machine.

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