Bag Making Machine

Our company provides a wide selection of bag making machines which can produce a variety of printed bags and plain color bags using raw materials such as HDPE, LDPE roll films. Whether you want to make T-shirt bags, glove bags, bubble film bags or others, we have the right machine for your needs.

Our bag making machine adopts an advanced computer, which allows accurate, convenient adjusting of lengths. The use of a high performance color code tracker makes the sealing and cutting length more accurate with small error. In addition, the main motor adopts frequency conversion motor, which contributes to better speed regulating stability and electricity savings. With a high level of automation, our bag making equipment can complete feeding, sealing, cutting,hole punching and transporting operations in one go, which will surely create great economic benefits for all users.

Bangtai is a bag making machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a comprehensive range of products, including T-shirt bag making machine, heat sealing heat cutting bag making machine, multi-layer film blowing machine, high speed slitting machine, rotary head PE film blowing machine, and others.

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